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A podcast in Maplewood and South Orange, NJ featuring inspirational people!

SIP in SOMA is a podcast in Maplewood and South Orange, NJ developed, directed, and produced by Danielle Perrotta. 


Hyper-Local Restaurant Delivery Service that aims to support local biz & educate college students.

Episode 15 is here! 

🍟NEW food delivery service - OrderGrabbers 

💛Confronting fear

🍎Fall fun!

This week I share an interview with Aman Wilkerson, the founder and owner of OrderGrabbers. Aman shares his new business venture that supports local restaurants and his vision to support and grow young leaders at Seton Hall. Our conversation taught me so much about the restaurant delivery service business that I never knew!

📓 Aman wants to help young people by giving them the responsibilities that go beyond classroom “projects” and help students become entrepreneurs or secure jobs after having real-world experience. I 💛 to brainstorm about growing future leaders! Follow @ordergrabbers on Instagram and check out their website:

⬇️Download the OrderGrabbers app through the App Store for Apple or Get it on Google Play.

💡I had a big “aha moment” this week after the police investigation in our town. Fear is painful in my body, but it’s also here to remind me to LIVE my life and my purpose. And it helped me talk to my kids about fear - it can teach us to live more thoughtfully and carefully when we go out, but we still have to live our lives. My thoughts are with the victim as she heals, her family, friends and neighbors as they try to make sense of this and support her. Sending you all good energy to process this news and, to all of you struggling, please talk to friends, family or a professional to get some support. 

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Chatting with OrderGrabbers Founder, Aman Wilkerson, to discuss his new restaurant delivery service.

Chatting with OrderGrabbers Founder, Aman Wilkerson, to discuss his new restaurant delivery service.

Sponsorships and Gratitude

Russell Olesh is the composer of the theme music, “I’ll Do Anything” - follow him @Russell_Olesh!

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SIP in SOMA is sponsored by and our music is composed by Russell Olesh. You find him on Instagram @Russell_Olesh. Check out the site to download the extended version of the song, “I’ll Do Anything” and purchase items for all of your piano needs! 

SHOUT out to my ABC Gal

Thank you to Sharon Michaels for being an incredible support in getting my podcast started - I mentioned the ABC group on 7/12 and she is it:

  • Held me Accountable
  • Brainstormed with me
  • and is/was a BIG CHEERLEADER!

THANK YOU for being there as I gave birth to this podcast! 

Thank you Alan Friedman!

Alan Friedman did the incredible audio editing in our most recent episode - the interview with Marry the Sea.


My brand new mic was untested and I struggled with the sound quality. Alan gave me advice and helped me rerecord the questions and edited the interview clips to make it sound great! Check him out at 


Special shout out to Rachel Zorel and Jacqueline Kirby at 7 Layer Studio for a stellar job on the SIP in SOMA logo and branding. 


Special thanks to Paul Holtzman at Cedar Ridge Café and Bakery for providing an incredible “office space” and feeding my body and soul during the launch. 

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SIP in SOMA is all about people who are connecting, collaborating and contributing to our two communities of South Orange and Maplewood, NJ. As a connector, Danielle Perrotta has spent a lot of time introducing people to each other or telling friends and neighbors about the cool events going on in our neck of the woods. She is thrilled to be having these conversations with a broader audience and introducing ALL OF YOU to the incredible people she has met in SOMA. Check out the show wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to share your glows, grows, and suggestions. Introduce Danielle to the incredible people you know and LOVE in SOMA. She would love for you to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and REVIEW the show on your favorite podcasting app. 


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