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Hosted by Danielle Perrotta. 

SIP in SOMA UKULELE Classes and Workshops


This  video  has  some  great  tips  for  beginners  about:


*Finger  placement


I  hope  this  video  helps  you  as  you  are  practicing! 

EPISODE 26 - Owls and Lions at Maplewoodstock!

Owls and Lions get personal about music and their support of UKC!

Episode 26 with Owls and Lions - a hot band playing at Maplewoodstock

⭐️Happy Anniversary to SIP IN SOMA 

⭐️What is the Ukulele Kids Club?

⭐️It’s that time of year again! DAVESTOCK III - WHOO HOO! 

It is always a pleasure to connect with a great group of people doing amazing things with music and bringing the gift of music to kids. 

Owls and Lions will be playing at Maplewoodstock this coming weekend - Sunday July 14th at 3:30 pm. I chatted with them about their new EP, their personal connection to songs and their support of the Ukulele Kids Club - bringing music therapy and ukuleles to kids with pediatric cancer. Special thanks to Chris Danuser from Remax in Maplewood who introduced us! 

Host and Producer - Danielle Perrotta,

Co-Producer - Alan Friedman,

Editor - Alan Friedman,

“I’ll Do Anything” Theme Song - Composed and performed by Russell Olesh 

Links mentioned in the show:

Owls and Lions - @owlslions on Facebook and Instagram

“God Bless and Protect You” video

Ukulele Kids Club


Finlay + Gage Musical Instruments

This episode of SIP in SOMA is sponsored by Finlay + Gage Musical Instruments. You can find this amazing instrument shop that does rentals, sales and repairs of your string instruments. Sam Finlay and his staff are knowledgeable and fun. You can come in and get demonstrations, play the instruments and experience the joy of music. 


⭐️July 13th and July 14th 

Starts at noon each day and the last band goes up at 8:15pm


Come and listen to FREE music! 

⭐️July 20th, 7pm -  11pm

Davestock III -

Dead Sessions, a Grateful Dead Cover Band will be playing at the Woodland in Maplewood. 

Buy your tickets online ahead of time so there is enough food and grub to go around!   (Ticket sales support the production)

21+ only! 

Produced by Devon Canastra and David Diamond

Come and hang out with Maplewoodians you know (and those you have yet to meet!) and celebrate Dave’s birthday! 

Good music and great people! 

⭐️July 25th, 7:30 - 9:00 pm


Finlay + Gage Musical Instruments

1677 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood, NJ

Purchase tickets through

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Talking with Owls and Lions about Maplewoodstock, a FREE music concert in Maplewood, NJ.
Talking with Owls and Lions about Maplewoodstock, a FREE music concert in Maplewood, NJ.

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SIP in SOMA’s Sponsor - Finlay + Gage

Episode 23  and  26 is sponsored by Finlay + Gage Musical Instruments. Stop by or check them out online for your rentals, purchases or repairs of string instruments. 

I highly recommende popping in the store for a wonderful experience with Sam and his staff - they are knowledgeable people who truly love music - plus, you can put your hands on an instrument to play. 

The store is located at 1677 Springfield Avenue in Maplewood, NJ.


SIP in SOMA‘s theme music was  composted  by Russell Olesh. You find him on Instagram @Russell_Olesh. Check out his  channel on  You Tube  to  hear  the  extended version of the song, “I’ll Do Anything” and his other  beautiful  compositions.  

Thank you Alan Friedman!

Alan Friedman did the incredible audio editing in our most recent episode 23.  He is a  big fan of  the  show  and  has given  us  countless  tips  from  the  beginning  -  thanks  ALAN!

Check him out at - his  expertise  and  skills  have  been  invaluable.  


Special shout out to Rachel Zorel and Jacqueline Kirby at 7 Layer Studio for a stellar job on the SIP in SOMA logo and branding. 


Special thanks to Paul Holtzman at Cedar Ridge Café and Bakery for providing an incredible “office space” and feeding my body and soul during the launch. 

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SIP in SOMA is all about people who are connecting, collaborating and contributing to our two communities of South Orange and Maplewood, NJ. As a connector, Danielle Perrotta has spent a lot of time introducing people to each other or telling friends and neighbors about the cool events going on in our neck of the woods. She is thrilled to be having these conversations with a broader audience and introducing ALL OF YOU to the incredible people she has met in SOMA. Check out the show wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to share your glows, grows, and suggestions. Introduce Danielle to the incredible people you know and LOVE in SOMA. She would love for you to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and REVIEW the show on your favorite podcasting app. 


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