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A podcast in Maplewood and South Orange, NJ featuring inspirational people!


MAPSOWhite Project



Next week I showcase an interview with Avery Julien - one of the founders of the MAPSOWhite Project.

 I was so moved by the quotes written on whiteboards by former black and brown students of our school district and the work being done to highlight those stories and energize people to truly start listening to our youth and the stories of disparity in our schools.

I am proud to be getting to know the most amazing alums - including Felisha George, Shelly Strouthers, and Jordan Fields, and so inspired that I spoke up at the most recent board meeting to ask our board and our community members to follow them on FB and Instagram. 


Check out the stories and get involved!


Grassroots Collective


On Sundays at 9am you might walk into a cafe or restaurant and be surprised by a live radio show! Frank McGeHee, a township committee member, hosts this progressive news and views show with the goal to inspire people to get knowledgeable, active and volunteer.

 Check out past shows at:

The radio show is a collaborative effort by organizations in our two towns:

SOMA Action

SOMA Justice

SOMA Coalition on Race

SOMA Caribbean and

Essex Rising.

Mapso Juice


I am becoming besties with the team of Mapso Juice. The CHS grads, Coobee Darcelin, Ralph Andre Ravix and Bolu Gbadebo (Class of 2017) are interviewing business owners, creatives, and inspirational people of MapSO in their videos and podcasts. 

 From the moment we met, we started co-interviewing bands at Maplewoodstock and I am inspired by their life stories, confidence and purpose of these men. Check them out:

You Tube: Mapso Juice

Facebook: @MapsoJuice

Instagram: @MapsoJuice


Seton Village Food Truck Event


Friday, Oct. 19th

5pm - 10pm

South Orange Village

76 South Orange Avenue

South Orange, NJ

Coalition on Race’s Board of Ed Candidate’s Night


Tues. Oct 23rd 


Marshall Elementary School

262 Grove Street

South Orange, NJ

Diwali Fest NJ 2018


Sunday, Oct 28th

12:30 - 6:30 pm

The Woodland

60 Woodland Road

Maplewood, NJ